• Gasketed Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

    .High Efficiency Heat Transfer  Performance
    .Reduced Fouling
    .Compact Size
    .Lower Cost
    .Easy to Clean and Inspect

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  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger

    . Less expensive as compared to Plate type coolers
    . Can be used in systems with higher operating temperatures and pressures
    . Pressure drop across a tube cooler is less

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  • Finned Tube Type Heat Exchanger

    . High-performance finned tube due to Fin to Tube Bonding
    . Resists high loads, both thermally and mechanically
    . Extremely dimensionally stable
    . Hardly any maintenance is required – maximum reliability

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  • Engine Testbed Charge Air Water Cooler

    . Reduced Fuel Consumption
    . Faster Engine Response
    . Lower Pressure Drop on Charge Air
    . More Compact Installation
    . More Stable Charge Air temperature
    . Maintenance Ease

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  • Lube Oil Cooler

    . Optional Nozzle Location
    . Removal of Bonnet without disturbing the Piping
    . No need to Empty the Shell Side for Inspection or Cleaning
    . Viton "0" Ring with its Special Retainer Ring makes inspection and cleaning of Tubes
    . Very easy, External Surfaces Sand Blasted And Enamel/Epoxy Painted

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  • Ammonia Condensor

    . Robust construction
    . Dimensional Accuracy
    . Corrosion Resistant
    . High performance

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  • ATE manufactures

    . Plate-and-bar type radiators
    . Welded tubes type radiators
    . Shell type radiators and
    . manifold type radiators

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This products have been widely used in wind power generators in India. The special arrangement of tubes lowers the internal wind-resistance, improves the cooling flow of the generator and increase the efficiency.

Use and applications:
• Electric-Motors and Generators
• Electrical converter plants
• Air pre heating powered by exhaust or waste air
• Heat recovery plants for process engineering
Depending on the performance data required by the customer or user, several tube designs and arrangements are available:
• Round tubes in triangular tube layout
• Round tubes in square tube layout
• Flat tubes in square tube layout

Construction and design
By using different arrangements of tubes (e.g."W-arrangement") the required performance and the permissible pressure loss can be achieved within the limited size of the heat exchanger.
The tubes are either sealed in the tube plates with a special compound material or fixed into the tube plates by tube expansion.
Depending on the operating conditions, the following tube materials can be used:
• Aluminium alloy
• Brass and complex brass
• Cupro nickel
• Steel or stainless steel






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